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A good chauffeur is one who knows how to keep himself and his passengers safe from road risks by keeping a keen lookout all the time, having the right taxi with profitable insurance, and carrying a valid driver’s license. A responsible chauffeur must be familiar with the vehicle’s “No-Zones” or any particular roads where accidents are most anticipated. Being extra cautious while changing lanes or turning can save you from crashes.

To ensure a safe and pleasant ride, you need to keep many practical things in mind when offering a private chauffeur service.

7 Things to Consider for Passenger Safety 

1.  Initial Safety Routine Check

Make sure you have an all-inclusive safety routine where you start with checking all the safety supplies in your cab and end with installing a CCTV before you hit the road. The purpose of CCTV is to add an extra layer of protection in the event of an incident.

Being a reliable private chauffeur, you must be aware of emergency radio calls and signals. You must have a smartphone, a long-battery torch, and a first aid kit. Don’t forget to check the brake oil, water, and tyre pressure to avoid putting your passengers in a potentially perilous situation.

2.  You Must Be Fit for Duty

To minimise the risks before you start your chauffeurs shift, you must never consume alcohol or other mind-numbing drugs because driving under the influence will be extremely hazardous. Any drug or medication that can cause dizziness, sleepiness, and/or slow reaction time must be avoided.

If you are working late night shifts, you must be well-rested, grab a bite or something to drink, and have prescription medications for an emergency. As you will be working long hours, keep taking short breaks to stay fresh and alert.

3.  Stay Under the Speed limit

Are your passengers in a hurry? Don’t be tempted to put your foot on the speed pedal, or else the high pace will take a toll on your life. The best way to avoid unnecessary risks is to drive with patience within the speed limit set by traffic regulations, especially on entrance and exit ramps or when going through any curve.

For the safety of passengers on board, decrease speed lower than the posted limit whenever you pass work- or school zones.

4.  Tailgating

Tailgating may be the root cause of most road incidents or safety concerns. Simply put, tailing an automobile with high ground will put you in a blind spot where it is impossible to see what is ahead of you, increasing the probability of a crash. Moreover, shorter distances will put your vehicle at the risk of getting pushed back or crushed under if truck rollbacks.

You can avoid such situations by maintaining a minimum of a 3-5 seconds gap between your vehicle and the automobile in the back as well as the front.

5.  Avoid Distractions

Chauffeurs can ensure passengers’ safety by minimising distractions and all-focusing on the road. For safety reasons:

  • Talk less and don’t engage in long conversations even if the passenger is chatty.
  • Turn off the radio and avoid listening to loud music.
  • Put a sign to make it clear to the passenger that eating, drinking, and smoking are prohibited.
  • For a sat-navigation, mount your device properly and free your hands.
  • Advise the passenger not to touch any of the controls politely.
  • Put away your mobile phone while driving, or at least put it on silent.
  • Make sure children are strapped in at all times.

Limit these disturbances, and you can deliver top-rated chauffeur car services!

6.  Buckle the Seat Belts

A driver must be aware of all the seat belt laws and safety features to limit road fatalities. He must ask the passengers to fasten their seat belts as soon as they are seated. You may get a chance to travel with children, so adjust car seats and booster seats accordingly and protect them from serious injuries.

7.  Touch-Free Travel

Considering the serious impacts of the pandemic, certain actions are recommended for chauffeur drivers to guarantee safety, such as:

  • Use cars with electrically-operated doors or install them with remote controls to avoid physical contact.
  • Fit the full-width Perspex safety screen between the diver and rear seats for added protection.
  • No handshaking with the client before or after travel.
  • Make sanitising gel, surgical face masks, and antibacterial wipes available for the passengers.
  • Preferably use the long wheelbase cars (giving the extended space between passenger and driver).
  • Position the back seats as far back as possible (keep a two-metre distance).
  • Wear medical-quality disposable masks and gloves, especially while loading the luggage.

For absolute minimum driver-passenger physical interaction, follow the rules mentioned above and maintain the highest standards of cleanliness.

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